Fresh Picked Robusta Coffee Cherries



Freshly picked Ripe Robusta Coffee Cherries at p50.00 per kilogram




Fresh Picked Robusta Coffee

Selling at P50.00 per Kilogram.

Customers has the option on what to do with these naturally grown, fresh picked Robusta Coffee Cherries. It can be used as planting materials for seedling propagation. Or can be processed as desired by the consumer.

These are delicately hand picked and Buenaventurada farms ensures quality and only ripe coffee cherries are being harvested. Thus the term “PICK RED”.




Coffee planting and selling the produce in Carmen, Bohol poses as a distance problem. In order for Buenaventurada Farms to be present in different stores nationwide, the logistics and its freight costs will take too much from the overhead cost. That was the previous difficulty that the farm had to overcome.


Currently, through the help of various Government agencies, Buenaventurada Farms have started to reach their customers outside the region via the events they hold in various regions as well as deals concerning product taste-tests or as bar sponsors during seminars they conduct.


Purchasing Fine Robusta Coffee from Buenaventurada Farms offer the best flavor and aroma every time a hot beverage is prepared. Customers are treated to non-bitter flavors that the competition possess.

As an organic farm, our produce do not contain chemicals to speed up the harvest time or chemicals to strengthen the cacao tree. We follow modern technologies on farming that most traditional coffee plantations do not follow or refuse to try.


We at Buenaventurada Farms are small-media entrepreneurs. As MSMEs, we cater to a niche market that may be regional dependent for the mean time. The packaging of our coffee beans are consistent with other start-up businesses.

Warranty as an organic produce has a shelf-life of 1 year if kept in vacuum-seal containers or refrigerated. The freshness of our coffee beans are not to be associated with granule powder coffee that is out in the market.

The ordering process is on a manual basis such as orders coming from the different social media sites we engage in or word of mouth through our satisfied customers in various areas around Bohol.

Pricing is also an advantage for we are able to remain within an affordable cost since customers directly purchase the produce from us.


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