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The Present Philippine Coffee Economy

As Philippine coffee growers, it is the responsibility of Buenaventurada Farms to grow and harvest only the best coffee cherries within the given standards of the International Coffee Organization (ICO). The number of people living under the absolute poverty line of 1, 25 dollar per day is decreasing. That is the good news. But almost […]

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Fine Robusta

According to the Black Gold Foundation, farmers in the Philippines discovered that a local small mammal – the civet – likes to eat coffee cherries. While the flesh of the fruit is digested by the civet, it passes the bean through its dung. The farmers collect the dung and recover the beans, which by this […]

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Value Added Cacao

There were a host of challenges and obstacles along the way.  Carmen, Bohol is a constant customer of typhoons when it reaches the country. As one of the Heirloom Grafted Cacao Seedling Propagators under the Plantacion de Sikwate – Brownseeds Cacao Funding Program, the floods posed as a challenge. It was to God’s grace that […]

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