About Us

A dream to have a family-owned organic farm located in Carmen, Bohol that can help alleviate poverty amongst farmers have resulted to a reality. We are Buenaventurada Farms, “Quality produce from the heart of the Chocolate Hills.”

Standard, Specialty, to Premium.

In 2011, Buenaventurada Farms started planting Fine Robusta Coffee. They later on learned the processing methods and turned their harvested green beans into Specialty Coffee. They believed in adding value to their produce by claiming the unique aroma and taste after roasting as their own.

Knowing what kind of beans that were right for the picking, Buenaventurada Farms hand-picked high quality, premium beans to serve the robust demand of the Bohol market and other regions in the country.

It was also to heed the call of the Department of Agriculture to cultivate their own green beans. Supply the demand of the local market instead of importing. This will give our farmers an upper-hand in dealing with a growing economy. The empowerment of Filipino Coffee Farmers tugged at their hearts since farming promotes an increase in per household capita.

Coffee beans are roasted according to the implemented standards of Buenaventurada Farms. They abide by the Government’s Fair Market and Transparency Seal of Good Housekeeping where no farmer is left at their disadvantage when traders purchase their produce at the least possible cost.

Talking Beans: Coffee and Cacao.

In 2016, Buenaventurada Farms entered a Cacao Funding Program with the Plantacion de Sikwate Cacao Producers Association, Inc. and Brownseeds PTE. LTD., Singapore as Cacao Seedling Propagators. Their nursery focused with planting grafted Trinitario and Heirloom Cacao seedlings.

The Cacao Funding Program was initiated by these funders to help cultivate and multiply the Filipino Aromatico– native cacao beans with the best aroma and taste in the world. The said funding program is to provide neighboring areas the grafted seedlings that pose high yield and high income after three years of field planting.